Septic Tank Pumping Mesa AZIf you are searching Septic Tank Pumping, Septic Tank Cleaning or Septic Tank Installation in Mesa, A-American Septic Service provides a prompt, professional, and effective service.

Septic Tank Pumping, Cleaning & Installation in Mesa, Arizona

Since 1953, A-American has been dedicated to providing professional Septic Tank Cleaning, Pumping Services, and Installations in Mesa, AZ and neighboring cities including Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Queen Creek, and Scottsdale. Being a family owned business that has been providing services for over 60 years, we understand the value of a healthy household and possess the professional knowledge and experience to provide that peace of mind for your family.

How often should my septic tank be pumped?

The Department of Environmental Quality advises to have your system pumped at least once every 3 to 5 years. In case of heavy usage, leakage in faucets or toilets, introduction of large or coarse items into the system, and using non septic friendly cleaning agents, the system may need to be pumped on a more frequent basis to keep it operational. Quality septic tank pumping services are just a click away.

I noticed a septic smell –Should I pump my tank?

A septic stench does not necessarily mean that your tank require pumping. If the odor is:

Inside the house – ensure that there is water in all drains and ‘P’ traps. If not used for prolonged periods of time, the water in the trap in sink, toilet, shower and other drains around the house can evaporate, letting septic fumes and odor in through the dried up traps. The design of the P trap ensures that septic odors don’t enter the house by forming a water barrier in the drain. Simply let water run in the drain for a few minutes if the trap has dried up to remedy foul odors.  If this doesn’t prove to be helpful in eliminating the odor, inspect the gasket (seal) around the toilet base. A crack or break in the seal can also allow septic odor in. If this is the case, you can apply a DIY solution or contract a plumber to replace the gasket. If the odor is coming in through a roof vent, this can be remedied by having charcoal filters installed.

Outside the house – it could be seeping through the septic tank itself, the roof vent pipe, or the vent at the end of the leach field, provided you have one. It is difficult to stop these septic fumes as they will leak through any crevice and are a natural byproduct of the septic sewage treatment system. To suppress any odors coming from the septic tank, some dirt can be placed over the cover to filter the escaping fumes. Odor detected in the air may be coming from the vent pipe on the roof (over the bathroom). A charcoal filter can be used to prevent any odors escaping from the roof vent pipe of the vent at the end of the leach field.

If you notice the odor is coming from the ground around the tank and it is visibly wet, black or has dense vegetation growing out of it, have the system inspected by a septic technician to ascertain the problem.

One or more of my drains is clogged. Is this a job for a plumber or a septic company?

In case of a clog or backed up drains, it is ideal to call A-American Septic or any other septic tank maintenance service first. Our technicians are well equipped to diagnose whether you are facing plumbing issues or those associated with the septic processing system. Where our team of professionals have comprehensive knowledge of septic systems, most plumbers don’t so calling in a plumber first without diagnosing the real issue could turn out to be waste of your time and money.

How does a septic tank work?

The septic tank is the place where the first stage of wastewater treatment occurs. The conditions in the tanks are ideal for bacterial growth. The bacteria utilize the organic waste as food. After the bacteria digest the food, it settles to the bottom of the tank and is identified as “sludge”. Very little of the soaps, fats and grease are eaten by the bacteria and because they are lighter than water; these continue to float on top of the water. This build up is known as “scum”. The area between the sludge and scum is known as the “clear zone”. This is the zone of treated wastewater that moves out of the septic tank to the next component of the disposal system. Gases generated during liquefaction are normally vented through the building’s plumbing vents.

I have no problems—Do I still have to have it pumped?

Yes! Proper maintenance, which includes pumping at least every 3-5 years, is essential to extending the life of your septic system. When your tank is pumped out, the leaching portion of your system is able to take a brief break from receiving any liquid. You may also want to inquire as to whether you should have your system cleaned during your regular maintenance visit.

Should I add septic treatments to the system to make it work better?

This subject is an ongoing debate in the industry. A bacteria treatment can be added to your system to help maintain live bacteria levels. The treatments can be administered monthly. Treatment can be as simple as flushing a pre- measured packet of bacteria/ enzymes down the toilet. You can also have your septic technician add a treatment directly to the system during a routine maintenance visit. If someone has been ill, and on prescription medication, or heavy cleaning has been done, resulting in bleach or bacteria or other harsh chemical use, a bacteria treatment may be a good idea to help bring the system back into balance. Never let solvents or paint thinners enter your system.

My house is backed up. Should I call a plumber or a septic company?

Always call A- American Septic Service first. We can ask you questions to help you diagnose whether your symptoms might be attributed to plumbing issues, or if you are truly experiencing a septic system problem. Most plumbers have little or no septic experience, so you could be wasting money by calling a plumber first. We get many service call orders from plumbers who are unable to remedy a customer’s problems.

Where is my septic tank?

County health departments issue permits and inspect systems as they are installed. If your system has been installed in the last 20 years, you may be able to find a sketch of the layout of the system attached to the original permit (Only in the last 8-10 years have these permit drawings been required to have a high level of accuracy). You can request a permit search from Maricopa County Environmental Services by submitting their form. A- American Septic can help you with filing out the form, for no charge. If you prefer, we can submit the request for you, for a fee.

Residential & Commercial Septic Maintenance Services

Septic Tank Pumping MesaAt A-American Septic Service, we offer inspection, maintenance, pumping and repair services for residential and commercial septic tank systems. Whether you want to schedule an inspection or just have some questions about your drains and septic system, the extensive knowledge of our experienced technicians is just a phone call away. Upon inspection, our technician will assess and determine the most ideal maintenance service that your tank may require.

Septic Tank Pumping, Cleaning & Installation In Mesa, Arizona

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