Dear A-American, Thank you a million for your exceptional service! Wow, what a surprise, for a change! After calling over 10 septic companies, Wally was the one who sealed the deal for me. He answered the phone – unusual – and was so great to talk with. I felt like I was making an appointment with my own neighbor. I somehow just trusted that he would do what he said. And, his quote for service was much lower than the other places I’d contacted. Taylor called us when he was about 15 minutes from our house, also sounding very professional but so friendly. He was absolutely wonderful to meet and watch work. He was very efficient, obviously experienced & knowlegable. His fun personality made it even more enjoyable, with his candor and appreciated advice. We’ve never felt happier paying a bill! What an awesome feeling to see his truck drive off but wish we would be doing business again sooner. I’m going to spread the word around the neighborhood, because there just cannot be another septic company better than A-American! Thank you, Wally and Taylor, for being such stand-up guys!!– Thanks, Kempley
I wish to thank this wonderful business for the totally superior service that they provided this day. The appointment started with a telephone call to the business where the date and time were set down a week in the future. During the call it was noted by the business that I used this same service six years prior to get my system approved for the purchase of our house. I agreed about work they performed on the system so we could purchase the house and then stated that when the technician completed with the inspection, he informed us that at the six year mark I should get the septic system pumped as a good maintenance practice. On the day of the appointment, technician TAYLOR showed up exactly as scheduled, introduced himself, asked where the tank was and asked where he could park the truck. I stepped back and watched this very friendly technician get all the hose sections out and connected together; ready to start the pumping. When it was all completed and technician TAYLOR had all the equipment back on the truck he got his rake off the truck and removed every single mark left on the ground by the heavy hoses. I was totally taken back by the effort that technician TAYLOR made to make sure that there was not a single mark left on the ground or any other mark left by technician TAYLOR of A-American Septic Service. I highly recommend this great business that has been serving Phoenix AZ for over sixty-five years. I also recommend that you ask for technician TAYLOR who has a totally remarkable story about his sons in the military.– Respectfully, Gus Beall
It is not in my DNA to write thank you notes for septic tank services when called upon to do so. However, when I do write a thank you review it’s gotta be something that is unique with a glaring point of deference and needs to be shared with others. Did I say “glaring point of view?” This entire scenario gets it start and beginning with a very likable and personal fella over at A-American Septic Service who goes by the name of Wally. Couple of weeks back called A-American Septic and talked to Wally where I laid out my septic tank issues and problems that needed immediate attention and fixing. Wally listens to your concerns and takes a genuine and professional interest in all endeavors of his unselfish discipline to help all of his customers at A-American Septic. Give him a Septic tank concern, or any other related septic tank issue, and Wally will walk you thru the solution of the problem in a calm like and professional manner that makes you and your immediate septic tank crisis a stress free experience. Here’s where Wally shines the most: Wally hand picks the best possible team to do the job best suited to his customer’s needs. His background and field experience guarantees his hand pick member of his team is as good as it gets, and his customer walks away 100% satisfied. You need someone like Wally who keeps up with the dynamics of septic tank issues in the field so that the customer does not have that one member of his team come back again for something that should have been right the first time. Re my septic tank crisis, Wally had Mike (wow! an exceptional person indeed) come out to clean out and pump septic tank cloggings and spill over issues beneath the property adjacent to the septic tank. Mike was very friendly, informative, and as transparent as can be with the customer. Like to know the truth? I could not have asked a more qualified team than Wally and Mike to do such a “thankless” job. I say kudos to both Wally and Mike as an exemplary to others in the environment that they serve and also to others of equal standings and professionalism. Mike got on property and instantly began the process of the issues at hand and what was needed to solve the issues best suited to his customer and company. Mike makes this process an easy and painless endeavor. He gets right to the solutions and pinpoints the remedy like a professional. Just another example of a stress free experience for the customer not to worry about, simply because Mike is professional, quick, and will get your septic tank up and running again way before you get back into the house again. Mike ran a garden hose into the tank to look for over fill or back ups. Mike pumped out sludge residuals and liquid mass, while mike was working all thru this, he would explain to me what was causing my septic tank problems and what he was doing to help correct those issues. When he left, the septic tank lid was placed back on top of the tank and secure. All inside lavatory pipings connected to the septic tank were functioning and the problems solved. So my congratulations to all (Wally and Mike) at A-American Septic for helping with this stressful day of Septic Tank Plumbing issues and for being in such a great spirits and high level of enthusiasm and confidence exhibited by all.– Best Regards, Bob Hudson
I am so pleased with the work your company did.  Everyone was very respectful of my plants and I am so happy with the way you restored the landscaping in my backyard. All of the workers were great and made an unhappy situation much better than I had expected.– Carol
Hey Wally! I just wanted you to know that you’re appreciated. I thank you for going the extra mile for us, as you have!! Holly is also the best!! Thanks a Million-– T.W. & J. M.
Hi, I just thought you should know that you had a guy at our neighbor’s today, and he was wonderful. We were keeping an eye on him, as he worked in the back yard. We wanted you to know that you have a very good worker on your hands. He was very conscientious- keeping the ground watered to keep the dust down, and being very careful with his backhoe. He was polite and friendly, and did wonderful work- when he was finished, you couldn’t tell he’s been there. So we will definitely be calling you if we ever need work done! Neighbors to [ … ] on Quail Run, PV
Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic service your company provided for my house [in] Cave Creek. I really appreciate the quick scheduling, and your technician was fantastic. He was extremely helpful, and prompt, and did a great job. I will recommend you highly, Thanks, again!– D.K.
We wanted to take a moment and thank Wally and his staff for the incredible service we received. We had the house we were purchasing septic pumped and inspected yesterday. The gentleman who came out was very friendly, very professional, and did a stellar job. The septic tank had an unusually high amount of material in it which should not have been flushed down the toilet. The gentleman on site stayed until dark to ensure the tank was properly serviced/ cleaned. It was a huge job, as I was there all afternoon. Thanks to his professionalism, courtesy, and persistence, we are ready to move into our newly purchased home. Based on my experience with A-American Septic Service –Congratulations to Wally, and the A- American team for your service and your success.– C.V.
Tell Tim: Good job by AA. Nestor was good and I felt very comfortable everything was done well and right!– D.B.
I needed a septic tank pumped within a week. Since this is not something I do on a regular basis, I wasn’t sure where to go. I used Google to search for companies in the Phoenix area.  The first company I called made it sound like a major project. When I called A American Septic, Waley Witham told me that it shouldn’t be a major project. He was able to access my house plans and locate where my septic was most likely located.  He sent me an email with a very fair estimate. Within a week, Taylor from A American Septic showed upto take care of the job. I was concerned since I didn’t know the exact location of my septic tank that a major part of my land scaping would have to be dug up. Taylor took care of locating the tank within a few minutes of arriving (I have lived in the house 26 years and never knew where the tank was). After Taylor located the tank, he began digging.  The amount of landscaping that was disturbed was a small area of about 5X5 feet. Taylor knocked the job out in a short time and put the landscaping back as if he was never there. I was very impressed!! The price I was charged was the low end of the quote that Waley quoted me. I normally check Google for ratings before I hire a company to do work that I am not familiar with.  I am writing this rating for others that also use ratings to find reliable companies.  This company does exactly what it says and doesn’t have any hidden costs. I would give the 6 stars if it was available. J.R. Pool– D.B.

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