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If you are searching for the phrase “septic tank inspections & inspectors, A-American Septic Service can help! When you are interested in our septic tank inspections & inspectors, call A- American Septic Service, today at 602-254-5448 for service.

ADEQ Septic Tank Inspections In Phoenix, Arizona

Certified Septic Tank Inspection costs are based on the size of the septic tank. The quoted fees include the following septic services:

  • Locate septic tank electronically
  • Labor that includes digging down to the septic opening
  • Disposal and pumping of all septic tank seepage
  • Inspecting the inside of the tank and baffles, cleaning of and inspection of filter, if needed
  • Water flow inspection from septic tank to home and from drainage to septic tank while running water
  • Fill the openings where opening were exposed-restore landscaping and lawns back to pre-digging condition
  • Complete ADEQ report of inspection, paperwork, some completion of transfer of ownership for (buyer/owner/ escrow date needs to be added at sale close or close to filing of report) including septic tank location map

Septic Tank Inspection Done Right The First Time Around!

All septic tank inspection paperwork is completed within 2 business days from the service date and can be faxed or mailed to responsible party. Our septic tank inspectors in phoenix are certified to preform ADEQ inspections for commercial or home properties that operate with septic systems. Those who request the inspection are welcome to accompany the technician during the inspection to learn more about it and ways to prevent damage and septic tank maintenance tips.

Real Estate Agents Septic Inspections Phoenix, AZ

Real estate agents want to do all they can to make the buying and selling process as worry free as possible. Having an emergency septic inspectors and septic pumping professional on call is one more thing you can do to make home sales easier for the client. One call to us ensure you will be able to count on the best septic services company in the Phoenix, AZ area. Our customer service is top notch and we will love to team up with you to make your job easier. We offer honest and thorough inspections.

Septic Inspections Home Seller – Who Pays For The Septic Tank Inspection?

It’s Arizona law that the seller/owner is responsible for requesting septic tank inspections in Arizona. ADEQ says that the owner/seller if the home must obtain a septic inspection. Although, may properties end up in foreclosure or short sales and we are seeing more and more buyers having to pay for the septic tank inspection. Septic inspection must be completed 6 months before or earlier than the date of the property transfer. This has to happen every time the property changes ownership, this includes family name transfers and cash sales.

Also, the owner/seller must provide new buyer with full ADEQ Report Inspection Form and other documents the owner has that relate to operation, permitting and maintenance of the septic system.

The buyer is responsible for the file process. The filing process is where the new owner files notice of transfer paperwork within the County where the home is located or by filing the paperwork online with the State of Arizona.

Filing fees are %50. We don’t file paperwork for you. This is the responsibility of the buyer and needs to be done within 15 days of purchasing the home.

Buyer’s Information for Septic Inspections

So you found the right home, bought it and everything seems to be fine. It even passes inspection no problem. Does it have a septic system? Do you know how it works or know it’s condition? If you don’t want huge septic system repair bills in the future, you need a septic tank inspection from A-American Septic Service.

You need an ADEQ trained inspector to complete an ADEQ Report of Inspection form and it needs to be submitted with the fee ($50) within half a month of the close of the escrow. File online to save time. Here is a link to their webpage. Comprehensive Septic Tank Inspection Program

Septic Tank Inspections & Inspectors in Phoenix

For Septic Tank Inspections & Inspectors, call us at  602-254-5448 today to book an inspection appointment. A-American Septic Service is a Septic Tank Cleaning & Pumping Company serving the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, and surrounding Arizona cities.

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If you are searching for the phrase “septic tank inspections & inspectors”, A-American Septic Service, can help!