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If you are searching for the phrase “septic tank installation & design”, A-American Septic Service, can help! When you are interested in our septic tank installation & design, call A-American Septic Service, today at 602-462-5858 for installation or 602-254-5448 for service.

Septic Tank Installation & Design Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Our team of septic installation service technicians at A-American Septic can provide all aspects of your septic systems needs, from initial septic tank design, to permitting, septic tank installation/replacement, routine maintenance services, and abandonment of old systems for converting to city sewer. From initial Septic System/Tank Design to final Installation, we can provide as much or as little service for your project as you require. Let us know your needs, and we will customize a proposal with your particular specifications in mind. Whether your project involves Residential or Commercial, Schools or Churches, an empty lot or existing structures, we have the experience and knowledge to help you successfully create the best system for your job.

Proper septic tank design is important. Septic systems are specifically designed to dispose of volumes of water-waste in your site, home or business. This system has a specific volume of waste it will hold and must not be overloaded. Also, there are a few waste items that should never be disposed in septic tanks including: Hazardous chemicals and grease.

Properly installed and designed septic systems will function for many years with proper septic tank maintenance. You should have an annual inspection every year to inspect sludge depth and to keep tank solids from become overflowed. Septic tanks that serve a central system including: industrial or commercial facilities, travel trailers, mobile home parks, government institutions, subdivisions and multiple family home units must have a professional engineer design and install their septic tanks for them. Some health departments require an increase lot size to reduce densities in your septic system. Give us a call if you have any questions about septic tank design, installation or maintenance for your septic system.

Design and Installation of New Septic Tank Systems Phoenix

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A American Septic Service

A American Septic Service

A American Septic Service

More Information about Septic Systems

The location and dimension of your septic system is also important: Drain-fields should be located 100 feet from the closest spring or well and 10 feet from any water supply line but not closer than 50′ from a stream or pond. Drain-field trenches should be level and between 25-36 inches in depth and not exceed 36″ in width. The tile drain should have 12″ of soil over the tile. The aggregate needs to be 6″ deep beneath the drain tile.

Select An Adequate Site (Quick Tips)

  • Stay a 100′ away from any drinking source and 10′ away from any water line
  • Stay 50′ away ponds or streams
  • Slope drain-fields away from the house, water supply and other buildings
  • Drain-field should be left in uncovered/non-shaded areas and free from shrubbery and trees
  • Leave room for drain-field to be enlarged in the future if needed
  • Sewer gas is extremely flammable, never use matches or open flames to inspect the tank

You can learn more about required permitting, and the stages and fees involved with installing, replacing, or adding to a septic system by visiting the MCESD and AZDEQ websites. You can always call us for more information. Click here for information on septic tank percolation.

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Taylor from A-American Septic Service came out and checked and pumped the tank he was very good at what he does I would recommend him and A-AMERICAN to everyone.
Ken OTank PumpingA-American Septic ServicePhoenix, Arizona

For Septic Tank Installation & Design, call us at 602-462-5858 or 602-254-5448. A-American Septic Service is a Septic Tank Cleaning & Pumping Company serving the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, and surrounding Arizona cities.

Septic Tank Installation & Design
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Septic Tank Installation & Design
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If you are searching for the phrase “septic tank installation & design”, A-American Septic Service, can help!