Unless you are the original home owner finding the septic system can be frustrating and time consuming. Electronic septic tank locating by A-American Septic Services can help you save a bunch of time.  If you bought a place recently or if you have lived there a while and the septic system needs some work you’re going to have to know where the tank is.

How To Find Your Septic Tank

For the home owner you’ve got a choice to make.  How to find your septic tank boils down to two main options.


Probe Locating Septic System PhoenixProbe Method – You can get a metal rod and spent most of your day off stabbing around at the yard hoping you hit the tank and don’t damage it.  Professionals have experience knowing where builders put septic systems and can many times recognize areas that might have a septic tank cover.  In this case probing might be able to save a step.

Electronic Septic Locating Phoenix

Electronic septic tank locating – A professional with an electronic device is flushed into your system and sends off a traceable signal.  Once that tracker is followed through your system the professionals with A-America will be able to tell your right where your Phoenix septic system is.   This saves you from wasting time trying to find the tank, and it tells our professionals exactly where to dig to do the maintenance.

Maricopa County Environmental Services – If your system has been installed in the last 20 years there is a chance that there is a record of where your septic system is with the county.  You can visit their site, Maricopa Country Environmental Services, or you can get in touch with A-American Septic to do the form submission for you.

Hire Professional Septic Locators

Have your Phoenix septic system found quickly by the experts with A-American Septic.  We will be able to find your septic system quickly and repair it right. If your system hasn’t had service in a while, you’ve just bought a new place, or your septic system is backing up give us a call at 602.254.5448.